Attaching Accelerators in Multicore Systems


We have entered the age of heterogeneous multiprocessing. In high-performance computing applications, architects are adding hardware accelerators to the multicore CPU clusters in their huge supercomputers. At the other end of the spectrum, designers of embedded and mobile systems are moving critical code loops into hardware to slash energy consumption. Everywhere in between, embedded-system designers […]

Altera’s 30th Anniversary: Looking Forward

CATEGORIES : All, Design Challenges, System Architecture/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson

As Altera enters its fourth decade, there seems to be little agreement among experts about the future of programmable logic. Some argue that spiraling SoC development cost and shrinking product cycles are making the two obvious alternatives to FPGAs – ASICs and ASSPs – untenable, opening the door to a much wider market for programmable […]

A Clearing Picture of the Internet of Things

CATEGORIES : All, Design Challenges, System Architecture/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson

By now most systems designers have a mental picture of the Internet of Things (IoT): an idea of its structure and its purpose. Unfortunately, this picture is likely to be wrong in both aspects. Judging by keynotes at ARM Techcon 2013, both the structure and function of the IoT are evolving in directions that neither […]

IP Quality Means Something Different if You Are Making Changes

CATEGORIES : All, Design Challenges, System Architecture/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson

How to evaluate the quality of semiconductor intellectual property (IP)? That sounds like a question that was settled years ago, at least for industry-standard interface IP. But increasingly today, system designers—especially those who develop their own ASICs or FPGA-based implementations—use supposedly standard IP in distinctly non-standard ways. We overclock physical-layer IP. We bypass protocol layers […]

Signal Conditioning for the Digital Guy

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By Johannes Roettig, Field Applications Engineer, Missing Link Electronics Introduction Both embedded systems and the next-generation cyber-physical systems sense aspects of their physical environments and return force to it. This process is performed by reading mostly analog sensor data, performing computations, and driving analog actuators and motors. Signal conditioning for such systems means not just […]