Implementing Floating-Point Algorithms in Real Hardware: Remember the Adaptation Step

CATEGORIES : All, Design Challenges, System Architecture/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson

As more applications become more compute-intensive, a seeming detail—the way the application represents numbers internally—can make or break a project. This is no news for experienced digital signal processing (DSP) engineers—they live with this concern every day. But many applications outside the traditional scope of DSP—such as machine control, video, and sensor processing in mobile […]

IoT Security

CATEGORIES : All, Design Challenges, System Security/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson

Enthusiastic promotion for the Internet of Things (IoT) is rising like an all-pervading dawn over the electronics landscape. From home automation to transportation systems to telemedicine, the concept of connecting local devices—or even individual actuators and sensors—to the Internet is illuminating new wonderful possibilities. Manage your home from your smart phone? With the IoT it’s […]

Heterogeneous Computing Meets the Data Center

CATEGORIES : All, Bandwidth, Design Challenges/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson

As we push single-CPU performance deeper into diminishing returns and begin extracting the last big gains from multicore processors, computing experts are turning to another old idea—heterogeneous multiprocessing—as the next way to advance. In heterogeneous systems, different kinds of processors—x86 CPUs and FPGAs, for example—cooperate on a computing task. Heterogeneous architectures are already widely used […]

The Next-Generation Cellular Network Takes Shape

CATEGORIES : All, Design Challenges, System Architecture/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson

The global network supporting mobile devices is facing profound challenges to its architecture and to its underlying technology. Driven by cell phones’ own spectacular success, the number of mobile client devices and their individual appetites for bandwidth keep growing. But the bandwidth allocated to the mobile carriers is not increasing at anything approaching the same […]

Big Data: Where It Comes From, Where It Will Go

CATEGORIES : All, Design Challenges, System Architecture/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson

The near future will see massive growth in mobile computing, in network traffic, and in the sheer size of data sets. These are all familiar trends, but often they are stated without reference to specifics. Even less often do discussions of these trends include mention of the impact they will have on hardware in the […]