Is the System on Chip Coming Apart?

CATEGORIES : All, Bandwidth, System Architecture/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson

Arguably it is, in some circumstances. This disintegration can take any of several paths—some of which wind deep into the promising yet problematic technology of 2.5D packaging, while others lead back to the seemingly archaic landscape of separate chips on a board, albeit with very unarchaic interconnect technology. The only accurate map for these varied […]

Heterogeneous Computing Meets the Data Center

CATEGORIES : All, Bandwidth, Design Challenges/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson

As we push single-CPU performance deeper into diminishing returns and begin extracting the last big gains from multicore processors, computing experts are turning to another old idea—heterogeneous multiprocessing—as the next way to advance. In heterogeneous systems, different kinds of processors—x86 CPUs and FPGAs, for example—cooperate on a computing task. Heterogeneous architectures are already widely used […]