When System Designers Must Care About Silicon IP

CATEGORIES : All, Automotive, intellectual property, SoC/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson

As systems-on-chips move into next-big-thing markets like autonomous vehicles or the Internet of Things (IoT), SoC designers are facing new kinds of requirements—environmental, life-cycle, reliability, and security, for example—completely foreign to their experience in consumer or communications applications. These requirements, in turn, are changing the way SoC developers must evaluate and integrate intellectual property (IP). […]

OK, 4K Ultra-High Definition TV, Where is My Content?

CATEGORIES : All, Broadcast, System Architecture/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson

You lusted after the early demonstration units. You watched with growing anticipation as more vendors announced products. As prices began to fall, you laid your plans. And then at the perfect moment, you pounced! A 4K ultra-high definition (UHD) TV, with a screen the size of a dining table, a two-page list of features, and […]